Port Fowarding

On 12:31 PM
A vital resource that I found when configuring my router, or any router for that matter, is portfoward.com! This site lists literally all known types of routers and direction on how to configure ports for most applictions. It's a great tool I wouldn't be without.

Port Foward Site

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Gmail Drive

On 12:49 PM

I've just installed Gmail Drive, which is basically a shell extension that connects to a Gmail account. The space available on your email account is then used to store files of choice from your Windows OS. I'm gonna give it a try!

Gmail Drive

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As you might know - Microsoft Office 2007 introduced a new file format called the Microsoft Open Office XML Format (.docx). But unfortunately this format is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word(like Office 2003 / Word XP) or with alternative operating systems like Linux or Mac OS X. Nor is it compatible with other word processing applications like OpenOffice, Lotus 123, or NeoOffice.

Below are some easy solutions on how you can still open your docx files in other systems and also easily convert it to previous versions of Word.

  • Install the latest version of Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack and it'll be able to detect the docx file format and help you convert it to .doc file format.
  • Use the Online Solution found here to convert your docx to be used in other formats too.

I was really pleased to see that Gmail has IMAP(Internet Message Access Protocol)email access now! What this means is that I can use an email client such as Outlook or my favorite, Thunderbird, to access all my email and there will be "live" synchrinization between Gmail's Mail Server and my Thunderbird email application. This is so much better than using the POP3 Protocol. Previously I was accessing my Hotmail account using POP3 with Thunderbird. What I had to do was log on to the Hotmail Server to organize and delete any email on the Server right after downloading those same emails into Thunderbird with POP3. I did this because I wanted to have another copy of those email based offsite. With IMAP I can synchronize my email all within Thunderbird. Because of IMAP I've decided to move away from Hotmail as my main personal email account, to Gmail.

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