I really have enjoyed the switch over from Adobe Reader to Foxit Reader for viewing PDF files. Adobe Reader has become more bloated over the years, so I was looking for a simple, light and quick way to open and view PDF files. The answer so far has been Foxit Reader.

Foxit Reader Download

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Flowing along...

On 11:20 AM
This week, the academic networking team is really busy, as we are conducting our first round of user research with help from Flow Interactive, specialist consultants in user research and user-centric design. Although CARET has a lot of expertise in these areas, it's great to see how industrial product design in this area is delivered following best practice, and Flow are both helping us out with this project, and training us at the same time.

We are really enjoying hosting Flow (and all our lovely student volunteers!) at CARET, and look forward to analysing the results of our work next week.

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On 5:04 AM
Welcome to our project about social networking in higher education.

Dr. Laura James will be managing this project at CARET, with a great team of Harriet Truscott, Anne-Sophie de Baets, Nicolaas Matthijs, Tjhien Liao, and others working on user-centric design and development.

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I do agree that Beta softwares have very limited support and can even corrupt your system. But little did I ever imagine that Microsoft would ship out a Beta release of Windows Live Messenger without an Uninstaller!! Yes - the latest Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta comes without an UnInstaller.

For some strange reason, after installing the Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta - I was getting an error called 8000ffff - I tried many solutions posted online but in vain. Finally, I felt my Messenger 8.1 was much better and there my hunt for the uninstaller began. I searched high and low but in vain.

Finally, I found an easy method to Uninstall Windows Live Messenger 2009 Beta. Goto Start > Run and type the following command and press enter - this starts the uninstaller.

msiexec /x {B1403D7D-C725-4858-AACC-7E5FA2D72859}

How funny?

Btw, for the other Live Beta softwares - here are the codes to uninstall.

To UnInstall Windows Live Mail Beta Easily
msiexec /x {DFD6935E-D94A-4DBE-AD8F-E37CBC6B577F}

To UnInstall Windows Live Toolbar Beta Easily
msiexec /x {5524A0D4-F826-4961-9B53-EFF6C615251B}

To UnInstall Windows Live Writer Beta Easily
msiexec /x {AC5568AB-C3E3-490E-BE40-50977C12288D}

To Uninstall Windows Live Photo Gallery Beta Easily
msiexec /x {F6D0986F-D9A8-479B-A80F-61D53CDF65BA}

To Uninstall Windows Live Family Safety Beta Easily
msiexec /x {3491D278-AF52-4A0E-A1F5-D1A57B4F2222}

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