This evening there was a major fire that broke out at the Carlton Center(popular for TGIF) near the Old HAL Airport Road, close to the Domlur Flyover.

Reports being flased on television suggest that 9 folks have lost their lives and 70+ are injured. The blame is on a electric short-circuit. Also, the poor fire management equipment present in the building.

This incident has led to 2 km+ traffic jams in most places around Domlur. My condolences to the family(s) of those who have lost their lives today.

Here's a video grab of the incident.

On Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of January, Laura and Anne-Sophie went off to Birmingham for the JISC Institutional Innovation Exchange meeting.

One of the activities was the Trade Fair... With 7 sold products, we didn't do such a bad job! Thanks for all who bought our products. For those who would still like to have a look at them, you can find all the information you need below.

Overall, it was good to see all projects and people again, and to find out what progress they made.

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Emo Short Hairstyle

On 9:45 AM
Emo Fashion styles
Emo hair styles are strongly related to the traditional punk hairstyles from the 80s. More recently however the emo type has developed a more fixed type of view and its own fashion with it.The emo hair styles vary everytime depending on the person wearing it. More than one factors must be taken into account; for example if someone in gothic clothes tries to pull an emo hair style, they might not be considered emo at all. Therefore, the clothing, skin piercing, tatoos and other features will also help in distinguishing between different people.Bright and deep colours, particularly brought into view by highlights or long bangs. The highlights are often in contrast with the background of the rest of the hair. Most emo girls or boys dye their hair black or a gradient of brown/ black. In some emo girls, lighter colours such as white blonde, purple and green are very common and they do look attractive indeed.Emo hair styles also tend to be more loose and have no restraints. Let's take the bangs haircut for boys - in this example, the hair is simply left to model around the side of the face without any elastic bands or clips; this also stands true for girls.The most important factor and one that definitely a lot of boys who want to look emo have adopted are the long/ large side bangs. These usually hide either the left or right eye and consequently cover the side of the face, while on the other side the hair is cut shorter. The direction of the hair is also towards the side with the bangs as to create a mono directional type of haircut.The fourth factor on my list is a deliberately messy look! This look is always individual and therefore reflects a user personality and style! Others should never be copied no matter how good you think their emo haircuts look! Always try to impose your own emo hair style and style in general.

Emo Girls

On 9:45 AM

EMO love is a unique way of expressing happiness. EMO love poems, EMO love hearts layouts and themes, EMO love cards, EMO love games, EMO love songs and EMO love slogans are very popular due to excellent creativity of EMO boys and girls. EMO bands and music also provide a good inspiration for EMO culture and true love for EMO..

Emo Fashion 2010

On 9:45 AM
Emo culture in the future :

EMO culture is characterized by its most fundamental and popular trait of being emotional. Roots of EMO culture rest on some special values, ideals, philosophy and emotions. EMO culture and fashion displays its own statement as derived from melodic punk rock music styles and fashions of 80s, which gained popularity in the 90s and 2000. EMO culture tends to go astray from the mainstream trends by adopting fashions that are different in various aspects.

Stereotyped EMO culture and fashions combine basic elements of typical hairstyles, standard hair accessories, dress code, jewelry and shoes. However, EMO culture often tries out new concepts. EMO as a society knows how to use creativity and new ideas for becoming different from the mass without sacrificing the core tenets of EMO culture. EMO culture 2009 might offer few exciting and surprising events in EMO fashion and hairstyles. EMO culture in 2009 would for sure looks like a top hit on the Internet community.

EMO culture, fashion and especially hairstyles have already started influencing many teens. With ever-growing demand at hair saloons for EMO boys and girls hairstyles, it has become a casual scene on the street to spot younger generation wearing EMO hairstyles. Large numbers of websites have mushroomed with a theme targeted at how EMO ideology and fashion statements will have its impact on the celebrity hairstyles, film, television, mass media and literature.

Emo Fashion

On 9:15 AM
Emo Fashion :

Emo fashion is characterized as distinctly non-fashionable, keeping with the movement’s theme of showing little to no interest in all aspects of society. Emo individuals perceive themselves to be outcasts and dress accordingly so as to avoid any appearance of attempting conformity and falling short.

Girls tend to have short, dyed-black hair with the bangs cut straight across, usually done by the individual herself or by a friend, shunning the processed, rubber-stamped appearance of mainstream hairstyles. Jewelry, including facial and other body piercings, is quite common and is kept as natural as is possible - wooden and hemp accessories are extremely popular, and are, again, often homemade. Clothes follow suit, ranging from thrift store finds to handsewn skirts and shirts, often comprised of multiple fabrics combined into one article of clothing. Vintage articles are trendy for members of the emo subculture, including 1970s-style shoes and jackets.

Emo boys often sport shaggy locks, although for males less emphasis is placed on dying the hair black. Men tend to wear too-small t-shirts and baggy pants, often with a studded black belt. The same preference for thrift goods applies, and jewelry still tends to be all-natural and as tight as is possible.

Girls and boys alike wear thick or horn-rimmed glasses and often carry backpacks or messenger bags littered with pins from assorted emo bands or bearing anti-establishment, pro-underground slogans. Emo dress tends to follow lines of nonconformity almost without exception, but individual styles may vary as long as they continue to emphasize secondhand goods or a general expression of indifference toward current fashion trends.

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