I recently learned about some options as alternatives to traditional cable television. Sometimes I'm not sure if paying $80-$90 extra a month for a large number of unused channels is justified. It really is nice having the optional channels to watch if ever needed, but I usually don't.
The cost savings over time are attracitve, compared to paying the monthly cable television fees, so I am still debating to see if some of these options whould be best for me and my family.

This article by Jason D. O'Grady & David Morgenstern on ZDNet, explains some of the better options currently out there.

Looks like Apple TV, Rok XDS and Boxee Box may be the better options currently.

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I have to recommend CompTIA A+ 220-701 and 220-702 Exam Cram (5th Edition) by David L. Prowse for anyone wanting a study guide for the A+ exam. It can certainly be used by those with little or no exprience, as well as those with years of IT exprience wishing to refresh what is required to pass the latest CompTIA A+ exam.

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Happy New Year 2011

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A brief note to mark S&TD's first full new year since since it was re-established. Happy New Year to you all. May your practices thrive and grow and may low-paying, tiresome clients be a thing of the past!
Our trusty blog editor Stephanie Strobel broke her femur while skiing in December, so I'm writing... We wish her a speedy, complete recovery.
At last count the division had 483 members. Welcome to the large group of new members who joined after the annual conference. Please feel free to introduce yourself in a comment. Some of you have joined the Yahoo mailing list, others the LinkedIn group, and others follow the blog. By posting some key items in all three places we hope to give as many members as possible a convenient way of keeping in touch and being involved.
The next task for the division administrators will be to find invited speakers for the Boston conference. That process happens early each year. We have some ideas, but please do let us know if you have speakers to recommend, especially if they are in the Boston area. Later we hope to arrange a strong program of S&TD sessions and a site visit, but the initial focus is on the invited speakers.
Thanks to all of you who have become involved with the division. We look forward to it growing and thriving in 2011.

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